My Best Friend's Wedding

03.10.09 (Saturday): Mooncake Festive + Joelle's Wedding

Today is one of my best friend's wedding, Joelle Chan & her husband, Tenny Foo. We were classmate since kindergarden but we became close friend only when we were in secondary school. We are being distributed to study at the same University at Penang and we became roomate for 2.5 years. It is so happy to be here celebrating her wedding together with all my secondary best friends from day to night.

At 7.45am, we gathered at Joelle's house, preparing to challenge the groom and his brothers from taking away our beloved Joelle from us. This is to test how sincere the groom wanted to married our friend :p

Game 1: Brothers wearing paper panties for photo shooting
Game 2: Sweet (Sugar Syrup), Sour (Vineger), Bitter (Bittercord + Hor Yan Hor), Spicy (Chilli & Wasabi Bread)
Game 3: Wasabi ice cream
Game 4: Blow bellon until it burst
Game 5: Remove the hair from leg
Game 6: Eat shit (durian, milo, banana mixture) on the pampers
Game 7: Pay angpau
Game 8: Sing love song (王力宏's 唯一)
Game 9: Love promise

Game Start!

Family Photo before heading to groom's house

Arriving at groom's house

Photo session after ceremony

The bride with her SMKTE's friends

The bride & groom with sister gang

Arrived @ Golden Dragonboat Restaurant, waiting for dinner to start

SMKTE classmate

Photo session with bride in between dinner

Photo with bride & groom @ the end of dinner


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